Home Sweet Home (In Theory)

I’m back in my hometown. Been here since last Thursday. My sister’s bridal shower and bachelorette parties are behind me (and went off without a hitch), and in theory, I have two weeks until the wedding hoopla builds up again for the actual ceremony and reception. Two weeks to work on the revisions I brought with me. Two weeks to develop new blog posts (since I’ve been a bit remiss lately) and to come up with new writing ideas.

Cue the eye roll.

I know what happened last time I was home, and it wasn’t writing. Granted, I’m at a coffee shop right now working on this post while my dad’s out golfing. But the next couple of days I’ll need to be working on my writing, and he’ll inevitably be around – without his golf game to distract him from me and my WIP.

He’s not stupid. He knows what I’m doing. But we’ve reached an unspoken agreement not to talk about it. In theory, this means I can write whenever I feel the need to, but I’ve never made my process so visible to him before.

At the same time, if I just do the normal thing (think vegging out in front of the tv – ah, cable…) I won’t get anything done. And there goes all my personal goals and deadlines. Down the drain.

I know what you are thinking: Get over it. Writer’s write. Own the process. Do your work justice. Everyone else can be damned. And while in theory this is true, it’s a lot harder to be self-righteous in the privacy of your own home than it is when you are reliant on the hospitably of others. And yes, I’m painfully cognizant of the fact that my childhood home is no longer my home. I no longer feel comfortable enough here to be myself.


Thankfully, all this angst lends itself nicely to blog ramblings. I will have some actual content in my post next time around. In theory…

Until then.

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4 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home (In Theory)

  1. Laura Marcella says:

    I don't get much writing done around family either. It's just one of those things! Do what you can, but don't stress too much over it. Your sister's wedding will be here before you know it and then you'll be back home with your own time and less distractions!

  2. Bluestocking says:

    Jeffrey, you're right. As soon as I had a few moments to myself, I was able to scribble down some ideas. I worry too much about not being able to write when I should really let things happen and take inspiration from all things.

    Thanks Laura for giving me a reason not to beat myself up 🙂 I guess it's good that I miss the writing when I'm too busy to work on it.

  3. Saumya says:

    Don't worry!! I never get any writing done at home and sometimes it's important to just relax, detach, and take a nice break for your mind. Good luck with everything and the wedding sounds super exciting!

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