Speculative Fiction Reading Challenge 2011

Magemanda from the blog Floor to Ceiling Books is spearheading a Speculative Fiction Reading Challenge, where participants read and review at least 12 speculative fiction books over the course of 2011. To learn more about the challenge, go here. I first heard about the challenge from follower KB Lawrence *waves*.

I have a bunch of spec fic books on my Christmas list and some still hanging out in my TBR pile like:

If anyone has any female spec fic writers (besides Atwood and LeGuin) they can recommend, please do so in the comments.

Want to join in but not sure where to get started? Check out iO9’s 10 Recent Science Fiction Novels Which Make Great Gifts.

Happy reading!
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4 thoughts on “Speculative Fiction Reading Challenge 2011

  1. Brenda says:

    There are a lot of female spec fic writers that I love. It really depends on what you like. I'd say Robin Hobb, Lynn Flewelling, Joan Slonczewski, Laini Taylor . . . I could go on and on. 🙂

  2. Lena S. says:

    Robin McKinley rarely disappoints and I've been a fan of Tamora Pierce's for years (she writes YA only, if you care).

    This sounds like a fun challenge and I want to read more in 2011. Maybe I'll join the party.

  3. KB Lawrence says:

    Bujold. Fun space stuff. Falling Free, I read somewhere, she wrote because there are never kids in space adventures even though lots of people have kids. She figured out that's because having kids around turns an adventure into hell. Ha! I could have told her that and saved her the trouble of writing the book.

  4. Bluestocking says:

    Thanks for the referrals! I read Robin McKinley's the Hero and the Crown and the Blue Sword in 7th grade, but nothing else by her. And besides Pierce, I am not familiar with anyone else. To the library!

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