Spring Is In the Air

I almost didn’t write a post for today. Why not? Because I had other things to do. And I did not want to make the time, especially when we had a week of sunshine with temperatures in the upper fifties. Spring is close.

The days are getting longer. They warm up faster. I can run outside now, without having to wear all my thermal gear that protects me from the elements. I rode my bike for the first time this year on Monday. To the coffee shop no less.

The daily rhythms of my life are changing as hints of spring are easier to discern. I have to adapt, but I’m not quite there yet.

This means instead of driving to the coffee shop or library, I ride my bike. It means I’ll have to relearn how to write despite the sweat that gathers at the small of my back or the chill I’ll feel once I cool down from the exercise. I ride at times where I’ll avoid the bulk of traffic – rush hour, lunchtime, the end of the school day. I’ll be getting up earlier in order to fit a run in before my day begins. Writing, so often an afternoon activity in the winter, will start creeping into my mornings now. Theoretically I’ll be more productive.

Do the shifting seasons affect your writing patterns? Or am I just a SAD person? And apologies to those of you without any weather breakthroughs just yet.

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3 thoughts on “Spring Is In the Air

  1. Laura Marcella says:

    I'm a lot more productive in the warmer months!

    When it's cold and gloomy, all I want to do is curl up on the couch with a good book and hot cocoa. I have to drag my feet to my writing desk in the winter, lol.

    I'm not really a fan of this teasing weather. It may feel nice now, but I'm sure there are still a bunch of below-freezing days ahead. I can't wait for spring to really be here!!! Sunshine and warmth make me happy and rev my writing engine!

  2. Erin at BeingPoetry says:

    Interesting… I am a much more prolific writer in the wintertime. Of course, I live in Alaska, so winter means dark, cold, and more dark. In the summer, I feel like I should be outside pursuing physical activities. In the winter, I can justify sitting on my butt writing and reading. So glad to hear that spring is coming your way. It's another two months off for me.

  3. Bluestocking says:

    Thanks Laura and Erin for the comments! I tend to shut down during the winter months, sleeping a lot more, having to force myself to bundle up and leave the house. As things get warmer, I have so much more energy to do…well, everything. Even if it's not writing related. I wake up earlier, I exercise more, all of which invigorates me and affects my writing. Stay warm, both of you!

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