30 Seconds of Self-Promo

We interrupt our weekend radio silence for a special announcement. Ahem…

I just found out my drabble “Evolve” was accepted for publication by Luna Station Quarterly. It will appear in their drabble issue out on December 1st.

Luna Station Quarterly is a magazine focused on speculative fiction written by up and coming women authors. They have some amazing stories available, so check them out.

Also, my short story “The Tradeoff” will be appearing in the Fat Girl in a Strange Land Anthology from Crossed Genres Publications in February 2012. The pretty cover is below.

For your further edification, there’s a great post by a fellow author at Following the Lede on why this anthology is so important.

Happy weekend!

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8 thoughts on “30 Seconds of Self-Promo

  1. Elizabeth Twist says:

    Woo! You are on fire. I had no idea that Fat Girl in a Strange Land existed. How incredibly awesome. I will be sure to spread the word and purchase it when it comes out. Will you post an announcement and remind everyone (i.e., me) when it's released? That would be lovely.

  2. Bluestocking says:

    Thanks Lori. I wasn't sure what to expect with the cover, but I really like it.

    Sophia, I just happened to be on a specfic blitz this year as I shop my novel around.

    Elizabeth T – Will do 😉

    Elizabeth C – Thanks so much. I'm excited.

    Thanks, Sharon. I've been very lucky. 2011 is my year, I guess 🙂

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