2012. Another year, still shiny with possibility. What will it bring? What will you make of it? What will you resolve to do to make your goals happen?

Me? Well, I have a couple of ideas.

First, I resolve to write as much as I can.

A no-brainer, right? But this doesn’t mean I’m going to be counting words towards a daily quota. I did that back when I was still relatively new to writing and, although that was a great tool for me then, it’s not so essential for me now because of my interest in producing stories instead of simply generating content to get to my million words.

This is a rather significant shift. Before, I was counting words in my blog posts and writing prompts in addition to work on my actual stories and novels. Looking at my output as a whole in general without any real concern for the words’ purpose.

That will be different now, since my goals are now story goals instead of word count goals. I want to submit to at least two calls for short stories this year, and have two novel projects I want in reasonable shape come December. No matter how many words it takes to make that happen.

On a related note, I resolve to do a better job of taking advantage of the quiet moments that can pop up unexpectedly in life. I also need to be less self-conscious about writing in public places that aren’t libraries or coffee shops. There will always be something to distract me. I need to buckle down and stop making excuses. No matter how much the Wii games I got for Christmas are calling.

Finally, I resolve to find the best place possible for my work. Sure, I still want an agent, a book deal, a sale to a pro market. That hasn’t changed. But publishing is/has been/will be ever-changing, and I need to be open to all publishing avenues for my work and decide which one is best for it.

Sometimes, the best place is the only place that will publish it. Enough said. But sometimes it’s the token market with great distribution (for exposure) or the semi-pro market that has a podcast archive (for different delivery) or a non-paying market like Luna Station Quarterly with a small focus like female science fiction writers that fosters their community of authors.

Fit trumps pay in my mind, and looking back at the acceptances I’ve had, I owe a lot to the right fit.

What do you resolve to do this year for your craft? What are your writing resolutions?
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8 thoughts on “Resolve

  1. Steph Schmidt says:

    Stealing those spare moments, wherever they may be, sounds exactly the same attitude I need to start taking. I kept telling myself I'd write when things had settled down so of course they never did. Might as well steal time while I have it!

  2. Saumya says:

    So true. Best of luck with all of these. I like the way you're pacing yourself. My resolution is to just keep trying. Sometimes perseverance becomes brittle and I owe it to the craft to thicken it every now and then.

  3. Elizabeth Twist says:

    Bluestocking!! It was so nice to see your comment over at my place. (You know Write1, Sub1 has a monthly challenge, right? *nudge nudge*) Looking forward to seeing you in print in 2012.

  4. sandrarenee says:

    I once read a post from a poet in Detroit who wrote in bank lines, grocery lines, unemployment lines – it takes me a little longer to get settled. Maybe the trick is to stay unsettled. Good luck with all of these. And – maybe you could share some thoughts on the “right fit” – how you determine that, because it's a mark I seem to keep missing, according to the rejection letters.

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