RIP Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury passed away today.

I read every book and short story of his I could get my hands on growing up, and the dogeared books still grace my bookshelves.

We read “All Summer in a Day” in my eighth grade English class and that story almost made me weep. His work explored every aspect of the human condition, a feat made more impressive by his output.

Here’s an interview with Bradbury, where he discusses his work. It’s a half-hour long, but time well spent with one of the most influential figures in speculative fiction.

Also, he discusses his inspirations in writing science fiction in this recent piece from The New Yorker.

One thought on “RIP Ray Bradbury

  1. Laura Marcella says:

    Ray Bradbury is one of my dad's favorite authors, so I grew up reading a bunch of his novels and short stories. He was an extraordinary writer, and we're lucky to have his work in our literary history.

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