SF Signal Mind Meld for Future Embodied


Over at SF Signal, for a roundtable Mind Meld discussion, Jason Andrew (editor of the Future Embodied anthology) asked contributors what we see as the next big change will be for humanity and how will it alter the way we live?

I responded, along with most of the contributors to the anthology, and the result is a fascinating look at the the near future and where our world is headed.

The anthology is out now, available in both print and ebook from Amazon.

I also have a Pinterest board dedicated my to my story “Resonance” from the anthology, in case you are interested in my inspiration for the story. But beware spoilers!


2 thoughts on “SF Signal Mind Meld for Future Embodied

  1. J Cravens says:

    I’m a friend of Jason’s and I poked him today on facebook about your story Resonance, I blame him for making me cry so hard. Thank you, your story was so touching. I’m now buying the book for my mom as well. Just to share your story with her. Thank you! Beautiful!

  2. Lauren C. Teffeau says:

    This is so gratifying to hear! Thanks so much and I’m so glad you enjoyed my story!

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