Odds and Ends: Winter 2023 Edition

There’s been a bunch of small but significant things happening in my little writing world these past few months.

For starters, Chromophobia: A Strangehouse Anthology by Women in Horror made the 2022 Bram Stoker Award preliminary ballot! The anthology, featuring my story “Gray Rock Method” was spearheaded by editor Sara Tantlinger and published by Rooster Republic Press last summer. Ebooks are now available in addition to print paperback copies in case you haven’t had a chance to check out all the fuss. Fingers crossed it makes it to the next round of consideration! Actually, it made the final ballot too! Ahh, how exciting!!

Next, results for the 2022 Critters Annual Readers Poll were released a few weeks ago, and I was thrilled that two of the anthologies I had stories in were shortlisted in the Best Anthology category.

Strange Religion: Speculative Fiction of Spirituality, Belief, and Practice took the top spot! Edited by Andy Dibble and published by tDotSpec, it features my story “The Life that Comes After.”

Third Flatiron’s After the Goldrush anthology, edited by Juliana Rew and featuring my story “The Front of the Pack” was also in the top 10!

Be sure to check both anthologies out if you haven’t already!

In other anthology news, the amazing cover dropped the other day for Android Press’s Fighting for the Future: Cyberpunk and Solarpunk Tales, edited by Phoebe Wagner and featuring my story “Root Cause” which just so happens to be set in the storyworld of my debut novel Implanted. Behold:

There are some great contributors so be sure to check out the full table of contents. AND be sure to sign up to stay informed about the upcoming Kickstarter.

Preorders are now being taken for the Solar Flare anthology, edited by Patricia Bray & Joshua Palmatier and to be published by Zombies Need Brains after their successful Kickstarter to commemorate 10 years of ZNB anthologies. I’ve just turned in edits for my story “Trial by Fire” that will be included and am looking forward to seeing the rest of the collection come together!

Cover art for Solar Flare

Finally, I want to congratulate friend and colleague Sara A. Mueller for being shortlisted for the 2023 Compton Crook award for best first SF/F/H novel. I went to Taos Toolbox back in the day with Sara and beta read her fantastic novel The Bone Orchard. It’s so wonderful to see her work nominated for the same award my debut novel was. Fingers crossed for her and the other finalists this year.

That’s it for me. Stay tuned!

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