2023 Jack Williamson Lectureship

This weekend was the annual Jack Williamson Lectureship at Eastern New Mexico University. I hadn’t been able to go the last couple of years because of the pandemic, but I returned this year and had a wonderful time.

The Guest of Honor was Arkady Martine, who gave a fantastic and thoughtful speech touching on questions raised in her Hugo-award winning Texicalaan series. That was followed by a number of interesting panels with repeat Lectureship guests like Connie Willis and Walter Jon Williams and as well as other New Mexican writers (like me), many of whom attend year after year. The University always makes us feel so welcome in celebrating Jack’s legacy, making it one of the highlights of the year.

You can watch my panels on YouTube including:

Climates of Empire with Arkady Martine, Lauren Teffeau, Rebecca Roanhorse, & Sarena Ulibarri


New Genres and Trends in Fiction with Lauren Teffeau, Sarena Ulibarri, S. E. Burr, & Vivian Shaw

Another highlight was Connie Willis’s writing workshop on Saturday, who is always a joy to listen to. Each time I hear some new nugget of wisdom that kicks off a rush of new connections.

Be sure to check out the entire schedule, which includes links to all the recorded events and panels. And if you ever find yourself in Portales, NM, keep the lectureship on your radar.

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