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Out this August from Angry Robot!


The data stored in her blood can save a city on the brink… or destroy it, in this gripping cyberpunk thriller.


When college student Emery Driscoll is blackmailed into being a courier for a clandestine organisation, she’s cut off from the neural implant community which binds the domed city of New Worth together. Her new employer exploits her rare condition which allows her to carry encoded data in her blood, and train her to transport secrets throughout the troubled city. New Worth is on the brink of Emergence – freedom from the dome – but not everyone wants to leave. Then a data drop goes bad, and Emery is caught between factions: those who want her blood, and those who just want her dead.

File Under:  Science Fiction [ Blood’s the Thing | Under the Dome | Going Viral | Mega City Bytes ]

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What People Are Saying:

Implanted takes readers to the bleeding edge of a hopeful future and dives headlong into the risks required to make that future real. Emery is a character I loved from the start for her skills and flaws both, and Teffeau takes this ultra-high-tech future to new heights and depths with incredible skill. Such a great adventure!”

Fran Wilde, Hugo and Nebula finalist and Andre Norton-winning author of the Bone Universe series


“Futuristic intrigue solidly rooted in intricate, multi-level worldbuilding – spiced with just a touch of romance – singles Lauren C. Teffeau’s Implanted out from the cyberpunk pack.”

Jane Lindskold, New York Times bestselling author of Through Wolf’s Eyes


“Teffeau serves up the future and it’s entertaining and scary!  The arms race of hackers and blockers goes to new heights, in an intriguing tale of life in the automated cities of the future.”

S.M. Stirling, New York Times bestselling author of The Sky-Blue Wolves and The Black Chamber


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